about me

I am a family business serving Conejo Valley residents that
focuses on design andĀ  organization to create a space that
has characteristics that describe you. I love building a project
that complements your lifestyle and interests, basically, I
problem solve coming up with solutions you may not have

Limited spaces and tight budgets are “my thing”. I’ve turned
my own walk-in closet into a nursery, re-painting, swapping
lighting and measuring to the tiniest metric to fit two cribs, a
dresser and changing table! I’m also the traveler who has 9
pairs of shoes for a 3-day trip and fits it all in a carry-on! I’ve
done a lot; changed careers, married, had kids, downsized,
relocated, bought a home and using my education,
experience and talents made these transitions it so much

With more than 15 years in space design and visual
communications, I work with clients to solve their wardrobe,
space and organizational challenges. I’ve helped new Moms
re-enter the work force with an updated wardrobe, written
meal plans for newly single Dads and re-decorated a
bachelor pad into a home, filled a kitchen with basics,
updated wardrobes, planned and moved families into new
places and re-organized garages and home offices! I helped a
client pack for a 6 week trip who was limited by only a carry
on suitcase!


:: Wardrobe Consultation, Purge & Update

:: Space Transformation & Design

:: Home & Office Organization

:: Transitional Periods (New Families, Empty Nesters, Relocation,

Single Families and Downsizing)

:: Packing for travel

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