Updated Closet in Calabasas, Ca

Client had just moved in and downsized. I helped split the wardrobe into seasons and store off-season items. Clothing was organized on shelves and in drawers for both husband and wife. 

Organized kitchen in Westlake Village, Ca

This was a custom built home. Not one shelf or door measured the same. The kitchen panty was deep and narrow. Really, you could only see items on the front row. Food was compeltly blinded in the back. I removed all the items and installed pull out shelving (well, my partner the handyman physically installed the shelves!. I added baskets which provided some flexibility in items that may not always be in the structure of a pull out shelf.

Garage organization in West Hills, Ca

I got a little carried away with this project and left without taking a after photo. I received a very thankful text later in the day from my client who LOVED the garage. She also hired me back to organize her home office.  I kept these photos even though I only have the before photos because many clients ask me how their"mess"compares to other clients.... Photos left to right detail start to finish

Organized garage in Westlake Village, Ca

I was hired to work in a garage/home office. Client had ADD so I created a poster for the steps we would work through that we could check off. We took breaks to check in on progress. There was no room in the middle of the garage - only boxes. After pulling everything onto the driveway and going through the content of every item before it was allowed back in, we created categories of items and allocated a designated space for each category. Categories were organized from least to most used. Most used being items that were easy to reach/access. Photos left to right detail start to finish.

Updated Closet in Thousand Oaks, Ca

Client was a new working Mom. She did'nt know what "style" worked for her anymore (playing on the floor with an infant and her "going out tops" were like two identities. We created outfits. She's also 5'2 and could'nt reach the top bar of her closet nor was the bar height the right height to hang clothes. I measured, drew plans, sent her links to purchase organizers and filled it all in!