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space that's you

Creating a space that looks nice but is also practical to live in can be challenging - for some. It's one of my best talents!

Creating an efficient flow of traffic in a room or optimizing space by properly placing furniture and accessories can make such a difference in a room. Some neighborhoods in Oak Park and Thousand Oaks, though beautiful, have little to no storage. No need to toss everything you have - unless that's your project. Sometimes re-looking at what you have through another's eye can help you utilize your space more efficiently with the stuff you already like!

I've created rooms that are a home office in the day, a party room for hosting events in the evenings. I converted a walk-in closet into a nursery for twins. I literally see a blank canvas with space. I've never met a space or a need I cant figure out!

Let's talk about your need, what you have and I can offer some ideas on how to get you there.

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