Organizing Interiors


Many appointments start off with the client feeling either anxious about getting rid 
of their things or apologetic about letting their things take over their space. 

Below are the most common questions and hesitations clients ask. If we have not 
answered your particular need, please call or email so we can discuss. 

My husband is scared you'll throw all his things away!
We're not garage collectors, we're professional organizers! We will identify your 
goals/needs and sort through your items creating categories. We may make a sale, 
donate and keep pile -- everything may be keep! Depends on the goals and needs of 
the project. Our job is to help guide you through a one-on-one process to organize 
your items.

What do you do in a consultation?
We either talk on the phone or come visit your space and learn about your habits 
and lifestyle. We talk about your goals to get organized and discuss and materials 
we may need to complete the project. Materials may include storage bins, wire ties, 
file folders, etc ... 

How do I know what to keep or toss?
There's money value and there is personal value. Learning about your lifestyle helps 
identify what is of value. Have kids? Painted hand prints art and baby blankets have 
value. We'll come up with solutions of how to store (and add to!) these items. We 
can also suggest local pick up or drop off centers to sale or donate items.

What does your home look like?
Ha! One of the most popular questions I get so I created a blog post to share a little 
about my organized home! Keep in mind, this is my space. Our family has particular 
habits that I've built systems around that compliments our behavior. Organization is 
not one-size fits all! 

Is my house the worst you've ever seen?
We wouldn't tell you if it was ... but we doubt it. We're glad we're there if you are 
asking that question! Means you are overwhelmed, drowning in stuff and we can 
help you get organized. A little "mess" and "chaos" is why we're hired and a great 
opportunity for change!

How did you get into this?
The favorite thing about this job is that its not a "job". I do this because I know 
space. I know shapes. I see solutions. I problem solve all day. My favorite part of the 
job is when a client says "I did not think my things could look like this" "you've 
changed my life" "this is so motivating" ... I love pulling people out of a rut they may 
have created out of a willingness or circumstance. I can help speed track the 
organization process. 

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