•                      Wardrobe, Space Design & Organization Services
Most projects only need a small advance time frame from initial call.
Please call to discuss your goals and project (213)507-8168
Wardrobe Purge & Update‎
In-person consultation
$75 per hour
Review your wardrobe and discuss goals.Simple
recommendations offered; 2 hour minimum
Purge & Update
$75 per hour
Try On Clothes for fit, review clothing, shoes and
accessories. Shopping or purchasing on your
behalf and trying on/returns available; 4 hour
Space Design‎
In-person consultation
$75 per hour
Challenged with your space or need it to provide
double duty like a living room/office? During this
time we can review what you have, your
challenges and goals. Basic ideas and suggestions
are provided. This time can serve as a starting
point for the project including any items you may
need or to gather a soft-execution plan of your
own; 1 hour minimum
Space Design
$ per project
All projects are unique and personalized. Lets
work together to add value to your space at a fair
rate. Typically projects are billed by the entire
project, not hourly. Billing by project allows you
control of your budget.
Organizing Interiors‎
In-person Consultation
$50 per hour
During a consultation you will Introduce the
space, your challenges and goals. This is the first
step to the main project. We will discuss items
you may need before the “big project” such as
baskets, bins, cord ties, etc … Simple
recommendations and suggestions are always
offered during the consultation. Many feel
inspired after this consultation and start some of
the clean-before-the-clean! 1 hour minimum
Organizing Interiors
$ per project
You‎ can either receive a detailed list of how to
organize your space yourself or it can be done for
you. Since not all projects require the same level
of depth, we bill by project, not hourly. By billing
by project, you control your budget. Some
generalizations below;
                      Home Office (4 – 6 hours)    $250+
Kids Rooms/Toys(4 + hours) $250+  Kitchen (4+ hours)  $250+
Filing/Paperwork(4+ hours)  $250+ Closets (4 – 8 hours) $250+
Travel & Move Preparation‎
In-person consultation
$75 per hour
Review your needs and what is entailed to get you
there;2 hour minimum
Packing & Preparation
$75 per hour
All travel(whether corporate or personal) or
moving requires varying levels of preparation and
execution.Your project will be billed depending
on your needs and goals.

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