Organizing Interiors


A professional organizer can help identify; 
- Where to start with a project
- Sort and categorize items 
- Identify optimal storage solutions for items
- Recommend the most efficient place for your items

It may be you acquired items from family or while you were busy raising children,
their stuff took over the home! You may have had one junk drawer that led to a 
domino effect throughout the house and you're drowning on where to begin. 

Home Office 
Identifying who is responsible for what in the home and creating filing systems for 
each provides future ease. We'll confidentially go through your files with you and 
help recommend what you should store, have as an active file or shred. We come 
with recommendations for shredding partners and electron waste donation 

Kids/Toy Rooms
We can help sort toys and create a system of what stays in "prime real estate" and 
what gets stored. Organizing childrens' toys is about finding a sustainable solution 
that they too can maintain!

These "rooms" in the house often become catch-all's for items that do not have a 
dedicated space in the home. Or items that cannot be stored away easily (i.e. the 
holiday ornament you found in under the couch in February goes into a box in an 
attic!) find themselves in hall and wardrobe closets. Identifying what SHOULD be 
placed in the closets based on your needs is the goal, we'll find a home for 
everything else.

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