What do I do with all the kid art?

Place your favorites in frames or a storage box (think big box,you'll be adding in the years to come)

- Make cards for friends and family!

- Use it as wrapping paper.

- Make paper chains to countdown special days!

Where do I donate/get rid of stuff?

Below are some resources for items that you have ready to donate. make sure to check your local office for the most recent list; All items should be good and in re-useable condition.

Habitat For Humanity - Think home goods like cabinets, paint, tools, etc ...

 San Fernando/Santa Clarita Valleys, Phone: (818) 884-8808, 

Veterans - They pick up!

Locate their wish list here

Your city will have collections for specific items. Check local websites.

In Calabasas there is Electronic Waste Days, http://www.cityofcalabasas.com/ewaste.html

How do I toss old medicine?


Where can I rent a large trash bin or dumpster?

For delivery: http://www.gottrash.net/

How long do I keep records of things? Bank Statements, Taxes, Etc ...

Brokerage Statements

When you get a new one, toss the old. Keep a December or Annual one for filing with taxes. You can always locate a statement online or by calling the firm.

IRA & 401K Statements

Same rule applies as the brokerage statements. You want to hold onto annual statements.

Tax Documents

According to the IRS, keep taxes for 7 years ... longer if you have known mistakes. Read the IRS recommendation here.

Bank Statements

The IRS recommends keeping records for 3 years. With online banking, use your comfort level in keeping paper files versus accessing the information online.

Life Insurance

The life insurance policy is a prime candidate to keep.   You will want to keep the policy for the entire life on the contract plus three years.

Shred when your done! Or farm it out to a partner. Many local copy places take shred projects.

Mobile Shred offers on-site document destruction, www.mobileshred.net