Travel & Move Preparation



Whether you're traveling for work with numerous events, traveling overseas for a  
extended stay or relocating, planning is the key!
Travel Preparation and Packing
Mixing and matching a wardrobe, packing efficiently to utilize space and organizing   
a "To Do" list comes easily to me. I have the ability (and first hand experience) to   
help you prepare, plan and pack. It is important to be extremely detail oriented with  
travel and moving. Planning for future circumstances that could arise will ensure  
you have what you need. I'll look at an array of options, sort and create numerous   
options you may not of known you had!
Organized Moving Preparation
Yep, I am the one with a clip board, color coded floor plans and box labels on 
moving day. Why? Moving is stressful. When you are in control with a well executed 
and organized plan, you can focus on anything that arises that was not apart of the 
original plan! You'll have far less stress when you arrive at your destination when 
your things are pre-organized!
Let's talk about where you're going and how I can help you get there - organized! 


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